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Slices of various flavors of bread, such as carrot and cranberry, arrayed side by side and seen from above

The Bakery

The small batch, handcrafted tradition began in 1989. Finale's is the perfect blend of European bakery traditions, American ingenuity, and world class service.

The Full Story

Extraordinarily good things have come from the ovens of Finale's for 35 flavorful years. Our owners have a robust and successful hospitality background which they brought with them to Finale's. Our customers are treated with consistently excellent products and extraordinary service. All baked goods are handcrafted in small batches with carefully selected ingredients.

Finale's was founded by two local ladies who enjoyed baking pies and cakes. They were followed by a talented couple from Europe who perfected and expanded the bakery with many new products that are enjoyed by Finale's customers to this day.


Steve and Mary purchased the bakery in 2007 and successfully continue the tradition of amazing recipe's and service.

Meet the Owner

Both Steve and his wife Mary practically grew up in the food and beverage industry, working almost every possible job within it.


Following graduation from Washington State University with degrees in Business Administration and Hotel & Restaurant Management, Steve launched his professional career with Westin Hotels followed by other quality full service hotels. As a General Manager and consultant, Steve contributed for many years as an integral part of the hospitality industry and he continues to be involved in the local community through a variety of organizations.  

With heavy entrepreneurial spirits and a keen understanding of the food and hospitality industry Steve and Mary also opened a fine dining waterfront restaurant which became award winning. They demonstrated their strong commitment to combining amazing recipes with refined service and highly trained staff as necessary ingredients for success. They brought this with them to Finale's and the business has been steadily growing ever since.

Customer Pictures

Our Brands

We proudly manufacture Fat Cat Fudge and Spot On Foods at Finale's Gourmet Desserts.

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