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Specialty Breads

Banana Walnut Bread

The journey away from ordinary begins with fresh, hand peeled bananas and purposeful walnuts. Our most popular bread.

Lemon Citrus Bread 

Outbursts of lemon and orange and uncontainable lightness of character.

Marble Bread

This is what happens when long term companions take dance lessons. Chocolate leads and the equally talented vanilla resents dancing backward.

Carrot Bread  

Spiced up, fresh from the garden organic carrots. Country on the inside with big city arrogance.  Available May - September


Double Chocolate Bread

Notoriously complex. Moist chocolate bread with chocolate chunks. 


Cranberry Vanilla Bread

This little tart perks up  what vanilla can only aspire  to. Unfashionably moist and memorable. 


Chocolate Banana Bread

The softness of fresh banana paired with deep rich chocolate. Contrived for dependency. 

Zucchini Walnut Bread

Lacking status and an unconditional place at the table,  this overacheiver delivers authentic fresh cut flavor without attitude. 

Vanilla Pound Cake 

Plays well with others. A  delightful companion when sprinked  in strawberries or smothered in chocolate sauce. Emotionally secure enough to arrive alone. 


Mandarin Orange Yogurt


Ultra moist with mandarins, yogurt and a light touch of pineapple.  Drizzled with citrus glaze. Refreshing. 

Cappuccino Bread
White chocolate kisses roasted espresso. Repeatedly.

Blueberry Vanilla Bread

Ultra moist vanilla cake batter with giant infusions of whole blueberries. Non-believers beware.

Lowfat Lemon Poppy Seed Bread

Lemon, abundant poppy seeds and applesauce swirled into a low fat frenzy.


Walnut Coffee Cake 

Traditional coffee cake with sassy streusel baked in a loaf for easy slicing. Available in 1 lb.,  3 lb. loaf or 10" round.

Seasonal Selections

Ginger Bread

Every time you hear a bell ring, an angel gets her wings.  Or a piece of this heavenly seasonal classic.  Available October through December.  


Pumpkin Pecan Chocolate Chip Bread

Just like your family reunion. Fruity and full of nuts. Attention getting spicy behavior. Available Early September thru December. 

Eggnog Pound Cake with Streusel

Creamy egg nog, cinnamon & nutmeg with a streusel kick to set it above the crowd. Available October through December.  


Chocolate Orange

Fine chocolate fused with gentle orange.  Usually available December - February

Breads are all hand crafted and made in small batches. All breads are available in three pound loaves and several are available in one pound loafs which are packaged for retail sale. Also, ask about our amazing petite catering loaves. Breads last six months in the freezer, seven days when refridgerated and three days at room temperature​.


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